Oceanic Announces FREE Alpha 8 Octo Promotion

Oceanic’s Alpha 8 Octo is a simple, dependable and economical Octo that offers divers effortless breathing in a tough, compact, and easy-to-maintain design. For a limited time, get a free Alpha 8 Octo with the Purchase of a Zeo or Delta 5 Regulator. Offer valid through August 30, 2019 at participating North American dealers.

Zeo is a pneumatically-balanced regulator engineered for precision, durability and comfort. Its durable chrome-plated marine brass metal valve delivers a phenomenal breathing experience, improves cold-water performance, and helps recirculate moisture from exhalation to prevent dry mouth.

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Delta 5 is the latest in a long line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators to carry that name. “The 5” comes standard with our patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology that can be set by the diver and provides consistent airflow at any depth. It also comes standard with a dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouth piece.

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About Oceanic:

INNOVATION FIRST – This is our mission.  It isn’t just a cool slogan or something an ad agency created. It’s our heart and soul. It’s the thread that runs through everything we do. It means that day in, day out, people are thinking, designing, building, and testing the products that make diving better. Our team doesn’t just use our products; they feel responsible for them.

Oceanic’s innovative diving products are sold through more than 600 U.S. dive retailers, and worldwide through more than 25 international distributors and affiliate companies in Australia, Singapore, Japan, England, Germany, and Italy.

Learn more about Oceanic at: https://www.oceanicworldwide.com/us/

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