Paralenz Introduces THE DIVE LOG – Reinvented

A completely new way of reliving your dives has just been made possible – this new app adds a whole new sense of purpose to logging your dives and makes it so much easier to share your experiences with your friends and family, at the surface or on-line.

The team at Paralenz have been working hard on perfecting the new version of their dive log app for their innovative Paralenz Dive Camera. With a focus on simplicity and stability, the new App has been developed for you as a diver, to be able to review your dives with all the relevant data presented in a logical and sleek format and easily be able share the dive or store it on your phone.

“Our beautiful underwater playground and the importance of its well-being, will now be even easier to share and we will constantly continue to develop and perfect functionalities and features of this intelligent dive log application.” says Peter Thiell, CTO of Paralenz.

Peter also mentions with a smile that there are some very exciting news lurking around the corner before the end of this year.

So, stay tuned to see what else the Paralenz Team comes up with in the near future.


Original author: Paralenz



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