Indigo Industries is gearing up for an extensive expansion in 2020 with the launch of several new and innovative products plus a signature line of gear.  Many of these new products will be available just in time for the Christmas season. The focus of this line is to attract the next generation of scuba diver with innovation, style and functionality.  Indigo has made its mark in the industry for innovation and bringing forward thinking products to consumers. 

Indigo showcases the following new products for 2020 

            Paul de Gelder Bionic AF signature line of products. 

BIONIC AF TRAVEL BCD – This is the perfect travel BCD for those who are on the go.  It has a light weight design, slim fit for a streamline look, is comfortable and easy to adjust, comes standard for single tank but has optional double tank adaptor and double tank strap system. 


BIONIC AF CARBON FIBER FINS – This light weight carbon fiber fin with two carbon fiber options deliver fierce propulsion plus extreme agility with increased finning efficiency.  They fit into a carry-on bag and possess a style unlike any other.


BIONIC AF GEAR BAG – Fit all your gear into one stylish bag; the perfect

alternative to mesh bags. This bag features multiple compartments for all your

gear plus extra padded pocket for your more delicate scuba gear.  This gear

bag drains water easily and sports extremely comfortable shoulder pads for carrying.


FLEEK PAC – This progressive backpack converts your backplate and wing BCD into a carry-on that fits all your scuba gear.  Yep, one backpack for everything! Multiple style options.


V DRY SNORKEL CAP – Boost the performance of any snorkel by separating the water from the air at the surface. The cap has a series of separating walls inside the cap with misaligned air channels allowing the water to fall from the air and exit through one-way valves at the bottom.  Global Patent Pending Design.


BZ- TRAVELER BCD – This BCD is the perfect blending of light weight and simplicity.  This BCD weighs 5.4 lbs and features Indigo’s MATIC quick weight pocket release system.  The BCD has and extremely comfortable back pad (Indigo’s new 2020 back pad that is featured on all products) and comes standard with 30 lbs of lift.  Additional bladder options include 40, 50 and 60 lbs. for 2020.


BZ- SIDE-MOUNT BCD – At customers request Indigo launches a side-mount BCD.  This system is light weight, features a tear-drop style bladder and multiple D rings captured in a simplistic and functional design. 

TAC – RED LABEL MILITARY FIN – Overall performance is 14.7% better than other performance fins.  TAC Red Label has a proprietary compound that has been development by chemist and engineers to provide excellent thrust, agility and efficiency.  Available only through Indigo Tactical. 

Accessory Line – Indigo introduces new accessory line which includes trim weight pouches, Mask pouch, SMB reels and more. 

With the launch of our Paul de Gelder signature line and new products for 2020 Indigo is creating a new segment suitable for the next generation of diver.

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About Indigo Industries

Indigo Industries is a manufacturer of SCUBA fins, masks, snorkel, DPV’s, BCD, dive bags and adaptive diver products.  Founded in 2016, Indigo has assembled a team of seasoned engineers tasked with redefining the parameters of SCUBA equipment design. Indigo’s sister company Indigo Tactical was launched in 2017. This division is dedicated to providing performance oriented diving products for military, commercial and public safety divers.  Indigo Industries stands by and lives our brand mantra of TECHNOLOGY FUELD by ADVENTURE.

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