In case you missed us at DEMA Show… 200ft Viz defog is back!

200Ft Viz Mask Defog is known for being the best mask defog on the market

“Crystal Clear Every Dive”

Thick gel – stays on your lens Made in the USA in an FDA Certified facility 100% cosmetic grade ingredients No Alcohol No Parabens

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See what our customers are saying:

“I have used the 200 Ft Viz drops and also gave the drops to my colleague with a group of guests and we are both very enthusiastic! Even the rental masks which fog up quickly (mostly a user problem) stayed clear!! Amazing stuff indeed.  I will finish my own and then switch to the 200 Ft Viz immediately.
When I take students for lessons or guests on guided dives I always offer them the use of my anti-fog drops with clear instruction how to use it which is always quite appreciated. I am confident that with the 200 Ft Viz this will be even more appreciated.”   

Ivo Monhemius, MSDT – Bonaire


“200ft Viz Defog has been an integral part of our aquarium dive operations. We have tried other defog companies and have always come back to 200ft Viz for its superior anti-fogging capabilities. Simply put, it is the best on the market.”

Peter Mawhinney, Coordinator, Dolphin Dive Operations, Georgia Aquarium – GA


“I’ve been diving for 53 years (instructing for 50) in all conditions from ice to tropical and I can confidently say this is the best defog product I have ever used.”

Capt. Joe Letts, Letts Dive!!, St. Petersburg, FL


“With over 30 years of dive experience, I am always on the lookout for superior equipment and products.  I discovered this amazing application about 10 years ago.  Of course after having trialed numerous other competitors, no doubt 200 Ft. Viz far out performed them all……warm, cold, shallow, deep water: doesn’t matter outstanding performance and absolutely no eye-irritation.”

S Dunn, MD – TX  

Experience it for yourself! Available at your local dive shop, or online at

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