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Paralenz Vaquita will be released in Late Summer 2020

Dear Paralenz users,

Back in February, we announced our upcoming Paralenz Vaquita dive camera. Afterward, we have been met with a lot of curiosity and excitement. Your positive responses and constructive feedback have always kept us pushing forward to provide you with the quality and innovation that you expect from us. Thank you for that.

Let’s cut to the chase: we are pushing the release date from Spring to Summer 2020. To our best knowledge, the Vaquita will be out in late July.

How come?

We received a lot of messages asking about the release date of the Vaquita. The truth is:  we didn’t know for sure either. Like every other company and individual, we have been deeply affected by the recent COVID-19 crisis – it pushed our production schedule.

In addition, it’s not only the production of the hardware that plays an essential role when defining a release date. We want to ensure proper testing of the camera, its firmware, and the Paralenz App, to provide you with the best possible experience right from the start.

The good news is: thanks to the most recent developments in our production, we have a much better understanding of the situation and can make more accurate predictions. Today we have very good indications that the final release date will fall in Summer 2020, most likely in late July 2020.

We are on a great track to publish the best underwater experience possible with our upcoming Vaquita, and we can’t wait to see all of you capturing stunning underwater footage and joining us on our mission to help sustain our Oceans.

We hope that you stay excited – we definitely are.

Your Paralenz Team.

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