Mermaid Protector Releases OK FaceWear – Made from Recycled Ocean Plastics

Manufacturer of sustainable water and action sports apparel develops fancy FaceWear from recycled ocean plastics.

Mermaid Protector is known for the development and manufacturing of fashion and accessories made from recycled ocean plastics. Since the demand for mouth-nose covers can currently hardly be met, the company has expanded its product portfolio with “OK FaceWear” and supports the fight against the spread of Covid-19 and against pollution of the environment by single-use products.

Protective masks, gloves and disinfectants are urgently needed in large quantities all over the planet. In many places, high demands lead to delivery bottlenecks and waiting times. We know that the availability of these hygiene products is not sufficient. However, we also know that the large number of products required is already causing considerable additional pollution to the environment.

“Every day we see pictures of washed-up rubber gloves and disposable face masks, which now additionally burden the sensitive marine ecosystem. Protecting our environment must now be the focus of our efforts more than ever. We refrain from manufacturing and using single-use products made from environmentally harmful materials. Instead, we rely on a closed cycle in the fabric and garment production.

Our products are made from recycled ocean plastic and they are 100% recyclable again without losing quality, ”explains founder Izabella Meyer. The designs inspired by the colorful world under water make the FaceWear a real fashion highlight and underline the sustainable and marine origin of the fabrics The more people decide on reusable products and against single use, the more successful we can be together in the fight against global pollution and Covid-19.

Mermaid Protector OK FaceWear

Mermaid Protector Fish Skin fabrics are made of recycled ocean plastic (PET bottles). They are 100% recyclable again so that we are given the opportunity of a closed garment lifecycle. The 3-layer high-tech fabric consits of a recycled polyester woven with a water-repellent coating (FREON
FREE) for the outer layer. The middle layer is a breathable membrane. The inner layer is an ultra-soft and
skin-friendly microfiber fleece for comfortable wearing.

Good to know:
• Mermaid Protector FaceWear is washed and disinfected before packaging
• Machine wash at 60°C without softener (please remove the air valve before washing)
• Option to insert a pm 2,5 carbon filter
• Gentle wearing comfort through hight-tech fabric and cut that adapts well to the facial form
• Elastic band for comfortable wearing behind the ears
• Hypoallergenic (suitable for people who suffer from allergies)
• Digital printed long-lasting and vibrant colors
• Reusable and recyclable
• Unique, unisex designs for adults and kids
• Optionally incorporated metal clip for perfect nose adjustment

Outer layer: 92% recycled polyester, 8% spandex, water-repellent (FREON FREE) coating
Middle layer: TPU membrane 280 g/sm
Inner layer: 85% recycled polyester, 15% spandex fleece


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Original author: Mermaid Protector



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