Sharkskin Set to Debut Titanium Chillproof Dive Suit

Mother Nature Sets the Rules, But Rules Were Meant to Be Broken.

Come June 30, Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof will break all the rules with a game changing new fabric that will revolutionise the way you dive. Unprecedented warmth in a neutrally buoyant tri-laminate garment due to far infrared captured, generated and radiated by titanium nanoparticles impregnated in the fabric.

Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof retains all the features of traditional Chillproof. Titanium Chillproof is neutrally buoyant, breathable, windproof, water repellent, flexible lightweight and antimicrobial.

While incredibly warm Sharkskin Chillproof looks incredibly cool with a stylish new outer fabric. Complimented by a chunky stainless steel zip and Titanium look reflective graphics.

Sharkskin Chillproof is in a league of its own. Made in Australia in our own factory to a standard unsurpassed in dive apparel.


Coming to soon.

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