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Dear All,

First of all I'd like to thank you for your patience and continued support, and I am sure we have not let you down with regards to the development of our portal. Your new home on the net.
There have been plenty of developments and many more to come, however now the rate of development will not refrain us from performing our community management tasks as they have done in the past 6 months.

As we are entering a new phase, we will be consolidating our vast network of groups, pages, followers and members of previous versions of our portal towards THEDIVEPROFESSIONAL.ORG

As your host and the relentless founder of the DIVE PROFESSIONALS network, I want to assure you of the following:

  1. Basic access to our portal will always be Free, various memberships and upcoming ventures are there to create a sustainable economic basis for our non profit to grow, and consistently offer you professional services and support.
  2. We will always be here to help you, the professional diver with advice but also in deeds
  3. We will continue our mission of networking professionals worldwide
  4. We are committed to following our mission statement now and in the future, in order to make underwater work safer, more professional and last but not least economically sustainable for quality oriented professionals and businesses.

On a personal level the IADP TEAM and I remain committed to right the wrongs that plague our various sectors, starting with the exploration sector. It is never too late to change the future!

While we continue introducing new services and products in the coming weeks, don't forget to log in and fill out your profile, join one of our interest groups (or open your own group)

We share a common workplace as professionals, the aquatic environment and hence we all belong to one family. So let us start by behaving like one. Don't forget our motto "Vis Unita Fortior - Strength in Unity"

Have time to spare? We can always use volunteers such as area representatives, sector guru's and any other skill set that might be relevant. Some positions will offer financial remunerations in the future.

Upcoming features in the next weeks... 

Will be the adding of discounted products for professionals in our store, such as insurances (medical and diving)... 
Please note: Offers will be only available to members with a complete personal profile.

And last but not least the launch of our all new Magazine IN DEPTH

More news and updates soon, feel free to connect with me for any queries. I co-host this group and the Training and Exploration group.

On behalf of my colleagues, our volunteers and the DIVE PROFESSIONAL network; I wish you safe diving!
Henri Hemmerechts - Founder/Coordinator



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Comments 1

Webmaster on Monday, 23 July 2018 23:43
and here we are :-)

We have to agree, worth the time and investment. Well Done!

We have to agree, worth the time and investment. Well Done!
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Monday, 17 December 2018
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