In the past the dive professionals network, had a few times instigated #NameShame campaigns. And recently after a spike in reports received we decided to reinstate the dive pro blacklist project. The first case we shared incidentally went viral and shocked the asian diving community, but also divers and our members worldwide.

In 6 hours time we had the 'culprits'... links, names and evidence provided largely by our community of professionals. An amazing example of how our community of professionals should, and can act when witnessing behavior unbecoming of a professional diver.

An amazing response which resulted finally the arrest by local authorities of 4 persons involved (we heard one is out on bail).

Due to the high spirits and volume of response (the video was viewed 343,000 times and reached over 810,000 people and counting) we got, I was able to identify the following flaws and facts in our current system.

This leads me to the following conclusions:

  1. A universal code of conduct needs to be ratified for both professional and recreational divers in the training and exploration sector.
  2. All organizations delivering pro diver credentials must endorse and let their members sign this as part of their membership agreement.
  3. A council of pro diver elders needs to be created who can rule with experience, wisdom and detachment over submitted black list cases.
  4. Organizations and companies active in the delivery of pro diver credentials should deliver reports of their quality monitoring activities for statistical usage.
  5. The above said companies and organizations should also communicate all punitive measures against their members to a universal blacklist.
  6. A comprehensive, democratic and fair procedure should be put in place, so as to ensure maximum efficiency, effect and respect from both divers and professionals.

The following is a steps proposal towards setting up the above said procedure:

So now how do we go ahead with this topic, from a virtual world into reality?

We propose the following process:
A committee is formed to start working on these universal rules (should take no time at all), the above said procedure is fine tuned.
When the pro members have ratified this proposal we go over into a public and private vote.

Last but not least we inform all pro diver credential delivering companies and organizations of our new rules and ensure their participation.