GUE Launches New Blog to Educate and Inspire A New Generation of Underwater Explorers

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) has launched a blog to share their passion for technical, cave, and recreational diving with the broader diving community and industry.

InDepth is a new blog with content that inspires and informs aquatic education, conservation, and exploration with a more in-depth look from the experts and explorers who are as passionate about diving as their readers.

Free to interested readers, InDepth offers monthly content that is curated from the stories that dive geeks, explorers, educators, and conservationists want to read. With aquaCORPS founder and Editor-in-Chief Michael Menduno serving as InDepth’s executive editor, along with Editor Amanda White and a global team of writers, they’re ready to serve you up some of the most compelling stories in the underwater world today.

InDepth posts feature the cutting edge of exploration, conservation, and technology, including monthly incident reports from human factors expert Gareth Lock, the latest research and medical advice from Divers Alert Network, interviews with passionate diving experts and aficionados, practical diving tips and tricks, images from passionate underwater photographers, and environmental data and concerns. Readers can expect to find a variety of in-depth content, from videos and infographics to articles that are relevant to all levels of divers.

Community is the most important aspect of GUE and with strong support from our existing members, we hope that InDepth will serve as a bridge to the wider dive community. Visit today and DIVE IN!

Find it here: InDepth

Original author: Global Underwater Explorers - GUE



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