The Diver Medic Introduces Diving Emergency Medical Responder Program

Chantelle Newman founded the Diver Medic in 2010.  Chantelle wanted to combine her love of Medicine and her passion for Diving into something everyone could benefit from.

The beginning was to get some social media attention by creating a closed Facebook Group called The Diver Medic. The reasoning for the closed group was only to have divers and medical professional who was interested in the content of Diving Medicine, accidents, injuries and case studies, oh and of course sometimes the occasional, what caused this injury?

A picture of an injury the diver medic group would have to try and work out  and discuss what caused the injury.

Chantelle went on to complete her IMCA Diver Medical Technician course in the United Kingdom and could not understand why the recreational diving industry did not have a similar direction as the commercial diving sector as they had more injuries and deaths in the .recreational sector  So, she contacted DAN Europe to see if she could collaborate and DAN Europe agreed.  Together they created the DAN Europe Diver Medical Technician course for recreational divers.  There was such a need in the market, and the course is extremely popular having been asked by the Egyptian Navy, Dubai Search and Rescue Police, UK Police, Technical Divers, Public Safety Divers, Military, and many others.  Chantelle felt incredibly humbled when her students would call her up or message her informing of a rescue they personally were involved in and thanking her for her knowledge that she shared with them.

With all Chantelle has achieved in Education in remote areas and promoting safety, she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame  2016 and now is a member of the Explorers Club The Diver Medic has been a driving force for Chantelle to ensure that Divers get the best medical assistance and training regardless of where they are.  Recently teaching some Instructor Crossovers for various diving agencies, Chantelle saw first-hand the dilution of training due to lack of quality and skill.  Being an instructor is such a valuable entity and an up to  date knowledge to influence the students and give them the best of what you are; are paramount to the diver learning and adapting the safety practices whilst diving.

Recently, The Diver Medic and Chantelle created a new course called the Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) to bridge that gap between First aid and EMT.  So a new level of advanced First Aid that everyone can learn and use and be confident in. The course has been approved by EFR and is done in two parts, online theory and face to face practical.  The online section goes live on the 1st of August 2019 and will be taught around the world.

The Diver Medic USA is managed by Sandy Shaw, who is a PADI Diving Instructor and will soon be an EMT Instructor.  Sandy has been involved since 2017 and has the same passion for safety as Chantelle. The Diver Medic and their Instructors, Sandy And John Raftery will  be hosting their first practical training day for the DEMR course at Dutch Springs, 4733 Hanoverville Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020, USA. This will be the first of many courses in the USA. There will also be a DEMR course running in Orlando before DEMA.  EFR Instructors who have a medical background are encouraged to become DEMR instructors, to help invest in training as many divers as possible to share the important knowledge of saving lives and helping injured divers.  If you are wanting to become an EFR DEMR Instructor, please contact Chantelle not PADI or EFR as the course belongs to The Diver Medic. The more knowledge passed on to help others is The Diver Medics mission.

Helping keep the Diving Industry safe.

For more information on the Diver medic, please go to  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Original author: TheDiverMedic



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Monday, 19 August 2019
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