Standing Room Only at PSI-PCI Training During DEMA Show 2019

PSI-PCI would like to thank all those in attendance for the PSI-PCI classes.  Over 400 certifications were issued for Visual Cylinder Inspection®, Updates and the supporting Specialties.  Rick Hill, President & CEO of Catalina Cylinders was on hand to share with the Tuesday class students about Catalina Cylinders and their eddy current testing policy.  PSI-PCI also introduced new tools at DEMA and Safety Labs Plus was there to talk about and demonstrate the Air Test Kits.

Along with the new Air Test Kits PSI-PCI also introduced a corrosion protection application, Water Guard.  Applying it under bands for twined cylinders or under boots, no water can penetrate leaving the areas corrosion free.  The new Dip Tube Tool has been well received too.  It takes the hassle out of removing old or broken dip tubes from the Valve.  Look for these new products on the PSI-PCI online catalog.

We wish to welcome all the new inspectors to the PSI-PCI team.  Your dedication to cylinder safety and applying your PSI-PCI inspection training will go a long way to making you an integral part of the Cylinder Safety Solution!

If you missed us at DEMA, we have instructors throughout the US, Canada and other areas around the world who can provide you with PSI-PCI training.  You too can join our team of professional visual inspectors.  PSI-PCI is the only agency to provide endorsed and recognized Visual Cylinder Inspection® training.  Look for opportunities to train in the coming months.

For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 425-398-4300.

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