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SSI Centers love the MySSI app because it connects them to their customer base 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide. Dealers can use various tools within the app to stay connected to their customer base digitally, entice divers to come into their Training Center, and bring in new customers by being visually present within the global search engine.

Increase your center’s business by utilizing these MySSI app tools: 

Center Locator 

Get found on the MySSI app’s Sites & Centers map prominently displayed on the app’s homepage.

Dive Site Affiliation

Affiliate your center with your local dive sites, making you visible to every diver using the app to visit that site. It also allows your store to show up in SSI’s new MyDiveGuide travel site.

Dive Log Verification

Dives logged in the MySSI app can only be verified by SSI Pros or Centers. This feature brings divers back into your store after diving to verify their logged dives.

Event Calendar

Integrates with the MySSI app’s Center Locator to display your current Course and Event offerings.

SSI Center QR Code

Utilize your center’s unique QR code, allowing customers to scan and get instant access to your center’s important information.

Free Promotional Digital Course Materials

Draw in new customers with these free promotional course materials: Try Scuba, Try Freediving, Try Mermaid, and Blue Oceans, all available for free when you download the app.

Pathway Posters

Within the MySSI app, your customers will have access to all the SSI program pathways to success. Pathway posters for scuba, freediving, XR, mermaid, and swim will show customers their next steps to “level-up” in their training.

Could your Dive Center benefit from these impressive tools? Contact your local SSI representative today to learn more. 

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