Sea of Change Foundation and FORCE BLUE Join Forces for Safe and Sustainable Sun Protection

In 2018, in order to support both marine conservation and veteran communities, the Sea of Change Foundation initiated and funded a project with FORCE BLUE  to support its Special Operations Veterans as part of an ocean-awareness, public service campaign.

The campaign supports the ongoing work of FORCE BLUE to create awareness in the community of military families, veterans, and their supporters that marine conservation is something they can engage in. FORCE BLUE works to inspire people already predisposed to service to become “force multipliers” and to take action in the fight to protect our oceans. And the Sea of Change Foundation also addresses issues such as ocean pollution, threatened species and habitats, and coral reef restoration & resilience. Given the overlap in their missions, the Sea of Change Foundation and FORCE BLUE joined forces to engage military communities and the general public to become empowered consumers with regard to environmentally safe sun protection, limiting plastic pollution, and choosing sustainable seafood.

The second of three FORCE BLUE public service announcements (PSAs) was released August 1, 2019 focusing on responsible consumer choices regarding sun protection. The PSA features Dan Skidmore of Force Blue Team 2, a former USAF Combat Controller. In it he describes how to be an informed consumer about the chemicals found in many common sunscreen products that can be harmful to us and to our fragile coral reefs.

Additionally, at the end of the PSA is a “Join the fight…” button that directs viewers to a survey that will help the Foundation gauge the positive impact of this important message.

Director of Conservation and Outreach for the Sea of Change Foundation, Samantha Whitcraft said, “Partnering with FORCE BLUE provides the perfect opportunity to empower the broader military community to make sustainable choices for themselves, their families, and our oceans. We’re thrilled to work with them to expand awareness about these important issues.” Wayne Brown, Chairman of the Board of the Sea of Change Foundation adds, “As a veteran, I’m pleased that our Foundation is partnering with FORCE BLUE to help support my fellow veterans in their fight to protect our oceans.”

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