Business of Diving Institute Launches ‘Scubanomics’ to Support Dive Industry Growth

With the dive industry facing downward pressures in the USA for the last decade, the newly launched platform presents strategies to encourage discussions on how dive professionals can collaborate to turn around the industry.

“We all are competing hard in the dive industry, but we are not growing,” said Darcy Kieran, founder of the Business of Diving Institute. “It’s time to make a shift.”

Scubanomics includes scuba diving market data and statistics, and dive industry trends in dive training, scuba diving equipment, retailing, dive travel and resorts, online commerce and digital marketing.

The Business of Diving Institute launched with the goals of helping dive industry professionals with providing enhanced value to scuba divers at a lower cost, making scuba diving more appealing to non-divers, and finding unexplored paths to growth – while championing consistency in the quality of the experience to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the dropout rate.

About the Business of Diving Institute

The Business of Diving Institute (BODI) is the brainchild of Darcy Kieran. It started in September 2000, shortly after Darcy purchased his first dive shop. At the time, he was in charge of sales for the largest division of a multi-billion dollar international company, and he could not understand the lack of training available to his dive store staff. There were numerous dive training agencies ready to teach scuba diving and train dive instructors, but nobody was providing sales and management training tailored to the dive industry staff. Today, the Business of Diving Institute provides consulting services on dive business operations, including staff training and coaching.

About Darcy Kieran

Darcy is an entrepreneur, author, executive, coach, radio announcer, and public speaker. He has 20+ years of experience in the sporting goods and diving industry, at numerous levels including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and eCommerce. Darcy owned and managed dive shops, dive resorts, and charter boats in Canada and USA. He has been a Course Director and Instructor Trainer with numerous dive training agencies. And he was on the Board of Directors of DEMA, the Diving Equipment & Marketing Administration.


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