Bidding Period Ends in Just 72 Hrs – Company and Related Assets Provide An Incredible Opportunity Itself is a valuable brand name. It is the most universally recognized word to describe our industry and there is no plural version.   Now, after 17 long years of effort, it is a proper noun according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and lives on the primary registry as a word mark with broad protections.

It has a customer record set of over 500,000 customers, for whom we have complete names addresses email addresses and phone numbers. Our customer list has never been shared with any outside entity.

BUT, there is more to the group, MUCH MORE! We also have many proprietary programs that can allow you to step away from expensive one size fits all third-party software products:

Predictive ordering routine Warehouse receiving module scuba synchronicity for fast product build out MAP enforcement and many developed niche websites like:
– Km61(tm) a surfing gear ecommerce site
– Buceadoes- Spanish speaking scuba gear site

Kotie an Artificial Intelligence (AI) PUPPET – With a nine years in place Primary registry trademark
That looks forward to voice actuation, accessing an AI Database for scuba training and gear sales

Skin-diver. YES, THE original skin diver website, but all content has had a database and querying update for ease of use & maintenance

Even a popular house brand – Oceanquest(tm)

If you can imagine the power of having payrolled programmers for three decades-you can start to imagine the IT that we have developed.  This opportunity for the purchase of so much industry specific IT & IP is unmatched.

Tours of our Irvine, CA facility are available up until 12 PM PST on the bidding deadline day, Friday Aug 9th.  Offers over 1m considered.


Thank you to everyone in the scuba industry for allowing us to carve out an amazing, exciting 3 decades of truly enjoying life…above & below sea level.

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