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The Journal of Diving History reaches Historical 100th Issue milestone

“To appreciate where we are, we have to know where we have been.” This ageless credo has rung true for over a quarter of a century in the pages of the Journal of Diving History, which now celebrates its 100th issue.

Founded in Santa Barbara, California by diving historian Leslie Leaney, the Journal has defied the industry trend of the last decade or so, which has seen dozens of dive magazines close their doors and cease circulation.

The 100th issue, designed by Bonnie Toth, contains articles on the Deepest Technical Shipwreck Dives, Photo Gear from the Archives of Skin Diver magazine, American diving history circa 1870, Aquarius habitat, diving equipment auction reports, Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award, and much more.

“Since our founding in 1993 as 24 page black and white domestic magazine, the Journal team has incrementally, and consistently, raised the bar of the quality of the magazine, while most of the dive magazine industry has unfortunately headed in the opposite direction,” notes Leaney. “And that is not by luck. We have maintained the highest levels of accuracy in reporting on the development of diving, and also the highest levels of graphic excellence. Our team of writers are acknowledged experts in their fields and it is to them, and their impeccable research and dedication, to which we owe a great deal of our success. Also to our valued sponsors who understand the cultural value to our industry, and to the nation and future divers, of what we are doing.”

As the official membership publication of the Historical Diving Society of USA (HDS USA), the Journal upgraded to full color in 2008 and the quarterly magazine now mails to readers in over 30 countries. The 100th issue is the largest issue to date and contains plaudits from international industry figures such as David Doubilet, Zale Parry, Stan Waterman, Stephen Frink, Ernie Brooks, Dan Orr, Bob Hollis, Tom Ingram, Valerie Taylor, Rodney Fox, Cathryn Castle Garcia, Bret Gilliam, and Howard and Michele Hall.

PADI President and C.E.O. Drew Richardson wrote, “Your dedication and passion to preserve the memory of our human endeavor to explore the aquatic realm has grown from humble beginnings to reach enthusiasts across the globe. Thank you for carrying the torch for those who came before us and ensuring we always remember the early beginnings, challenges and triumphs of the sport.”

A limited number of issue 100 are available at, as are various back issue of the Journal, and HDS USA membership information.

Original author: Historical Diving Society



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