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Patrick and Sherry Hammer Announce Sale of Scuba Emporium

It is with mixed emotions of great pleasure and sadness Sherry and I announce that we have sold the store, and want to slow down ( just a bit). In 1974 when I first opened Scuba Emporium people thought I was crazy. However as crazy as it seemed it has been an unbelievable run.

We have had the pleasure of certifying tens of thousands of scuba divers, made over ten thousand PADI Instructors, and had stores in 4 states. We have helped many open up successful dive stores, and traveled the world with our wonderful customers by our side. We watched families grow and witnesses our young customers get married and circling back around allowing us to train their grandchildren.

We thrived in good economies, and survived when the economy was weak. We have made friends all over the world, and had the best job in the world.

So it is time for the next exciting chapter in our life. We plan to continue doing what we love teaching and running dive travel trips. I want to continue to teach PADI Instructors locally, in other states and abroad. Sherry loves teaching children and still is hopeful to be able to make young scuba divers. Together we will teach classes and specialties. Are dream would be to continue to be leaders in the industry and inspire others to follow there dreams with scuba.
Retail has changed so much over the years and we do not want to be tied to the retail aspect of the business.

We can not express our gratitude to the many loyal customers that supported us over four decades, our amazing staff, (some of which have been with us for twenty plus years) and are a second family to us and PADI the greatest training agency in the world.

We hope to continue to grow the dive industry.

We thank you for this great run and remember we’re not leaving just changing directions. We have some great trips planned in the future, and 2020 and hope you will continue to travel with us.

We will be able to be reached at
Patrick Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
cell 708-650-3483
Sherry Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
cell 708-651-3483

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