Every Dive Counts: Paralenz Launches New Brand and Mission During DEMA Show

Last week during the DEMA Show in Orlando, Paralenz launched a new brand identity and a number of new partnerships. The change comes with a strong focus on the harmony of diving and the importance of sharing dives for a greater good. The new brand is one of several initiatives that will help Paralenz recruit current and future divers to join them on their renewed mission.

The rebranding includes a relaunch of the company’s website, logo, and communications, and a bouquet of new ocean conservation partners. As Paralenz keeps evolving, improving its products, and rethinking its role in the world of diving, the company is stepping up its game to communicate and facilitate that journey. And their new payoff gives the essence: “Every Dive Counts”

The new logo is representing the line between the seen/known above and the unseen/unknown below, hence the “blurred” surface line in the logo.

The new logo: If you look closer, you can spot an endangered species hidden in the P – can you see it?

The dive company that started as a Kickstarter campaign is not only giving its logo a makeover. Paralenz’s new vision is no less than ambitious: “Any real change is a collective effort. Through empowering divers across the globe we will help reverse the steep decline of life beneath the surface. Dive by dive.”

Gravely affected by a changing climate, the regeneration of the Ocean is heavily dependent on scientific research based on reliable data. The Paralenz camera, when in use, can document data from its users’ dives, such as depth, pressure, and temperature – that will work as a baseline for ocean conservation organizations.

Erikha Harket, the Chief Marketing Officer, is revealing that there will be even more news to come:

“We will soon introduce TheOceanBase, a new feature in our app, which will help divers around the world map dive sites and log their experiences. As we grow as a company, we believe our new brand identity and initiatives will help us recruit more divers to join us on our mission.”

Paralenz engages in new partnerships to put the Ocean on the agenda

To put their money where their mouth is, Paralenz establishes partnerships with notable ocean conservation organizations such as the Reef-World Foundation-which coordinates the Green Fins initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Program, Nekton, Turtle Island Restauration Network, Save the Med Foundation, Beneath the Waves, Major Projects Foundation, The Vortex Swim, Arizona State University, Project Baseline, and National Marine Sanctuaries.

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