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Bob Brayman Retires, Hall’s Diving Center Closing after 47 Years

Bob first discovered Hall’s when visiting Marathon in the Florida Keys while on vacation from California. In 1973, Hall’s was a nearly bankrupt dive business and suffered from poor management. Armed with just an employment contract and no investment, Bob revived the business and made it successful. Bob bought out the business a few years later. Experiencing difficulty in finding trained help to work, Bob got an idea and started the diving career institute to provide the industry with well-trained dive personnel.   As a result, Hall’s career institute graduates are currently working to help make other dive businesses successful all over the world.

It is now 47 years later and Bob is 76 years old. You can’t keep doing something forever no matter how much you love it. It is time to retire. Bob is not retiring because of Covid19. The business is still doing fine. He is retiring because he wants to take some time to relax and enjoy himself while he still can.

The business is liquidating all its assets, inventory and properties before closing the doors. The door closing is scheduled for August 23, 2020. The main property for the store and school is already sold. The dormitory used for the institute is up for sale. The remaining assets and inventory are available. In addition, all the intellectual assets which include the registered trademarks, names, copyrights, texts, business operations manuals, outlines, study guides, booklets, and catalogs are also for sale. All other assets including fixtures, desks, tables, chairs, two – 20 CFM compressors, air station, air/nitrox storage cylinders, nitrox generator (40%N at 20 CFM – 3500 PSI), USCG inspected 25 passenger dive vessel, and more, will also need to be liquidated before the August 23, 2020 deadline.

Bob Brayman says, “It has been a great run. I can’t think of anything else I would have rather done. I fulfilled my childhood dream and helped a lot of other people achieve theirs. It is time. I will miss all the wonderful people I got to work and associate with through the years. God bless you all and thank you for your friendship and support.”

Bob Brayman

Hall’s Diving Center & Career Institute

5050 Overseas Highway

Marathon, FL 33050


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