Time To Renew Your Professional Liability Insurance – SSI and DAN Have You Covered

SSI is proud to continue our endorsement of DAN RRG as our preferred insurance provider for SSI Training Centers and Dive Professionals in the United States.

In 2019, SSI teamed up with DAN RRG as a preferred insurance provider for SSI Centers and Dive Pros. Since that time, more and more SSI Centers and Pros choose DAN RRG as their professional liability insurance provider.

From insurance coverage, to pricing, to customer service, we have heard nothing but favorable feedback from our Centers and Dive Professionals regarding DAN RRG.

“As the insurance market evolves, we are confident DAN will continue to be a leader in providing comprehensive coverage. Both SSI and DAN are committed to quality services and risk management. We feel confident our SSI members can rely on DAN to meet their insurance needs,” states Jeff Saenger, SSI Director of Sales.

DAN RRG Insurance offers SSI members excellent coverage, competitive rates, and both group and individual coverage. Additionally, DAN RRG Insurance enables SSI members to comply with SSI Training Standards without restrictive exclusions.

DAN RRG continues its commitment to the dive community through these unprecedented times of Covid-19 with payment options


Every policy, no matter the type, has been extended by 90 days for NO additional cost.



Individual professional liability policies can opt for a split payment plan with an initial 25% down payment, and the balance being due within 90 days.

*offer expires July 31, 2020


Customers purchasing general or group professional liability policies have third-party financing available with a low down payment and monthly installments.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to list SSI as your primary training agency when you apply or renew your insurance with DAN RRG.

When enrolling in the DAN RRG program, and by identifying SSI as your primary agency, DAN RRG will automatically upload the required Professional Liability Insurance certificate directly into your SSI Dive Professional MySSI member profile. This makes maintaining active status, business management, and listing additional insured coverage seamless.

This automatic upload is an exclusive SSI United States program available in all 50 states. Plans are being developed to expand this program into other regional markets.

For more information, contact SSI Pro Services at

800-892-2702 or 561-995-6733.

DAN Services and DAN RRG

Divers Alert Network has served the Diving Industry insurance needs for decades. In 2016, DAN RRG created aprofessional liability program specifically designed for dive businesses and dive professionals. Since then, DAN RRG continues to deliver quality insurance and is proven to be a reliable source as an insurance provider.

Original author: SSI



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