Contactless Waivers and Documents in the age of COVID-19

Do you have a closet full of signed waivers going back to 1995? In today’s digital world, people are tired of filling in and signing waivers with pen and paper. This method of storing your signed waivers is both costly and challenging to manage, especially when you need to find someone’s waiver from five years ago. Add to this, the challenge of maintaining a clean and sanitary signing station, where you need to wipe a pen after each use.

Digital Waivers

Enter the new modern approach—legally binding electronic signatures. Electronic signatures for your documents is an easy and effective way to manage your waivers. Users can fill in and sign your waiver with their finger, on their phone or tablet. This system can be added easily to an existing WordPress website, or we can build a simple stand-alone website to host and store all of your documents securely. In addition to storage on your website, this can all sync to your Dropbox account for cloud-based storage of your digitally signed documents. With the Dropbox option, it makes retrieval of historical data a snap.

Passenger Manifest and Check In

Duck Diver has developed a custom manifest generator in addition to having your divers check in quickly and easily using the electronic waivers. This system fetches the names of today’s diving guests and puts them in a drag and drop interface to easily manage check-ins and assign each diver to a boat. There is a “generate manifest” function, which creates a printable PDF form that includes all required data for Coast Guard required ship’s manifest. Simply drag-drop and print your daily manifests with ease.

Affordable Solutions

Duck Diver Marketing can set all of this up for you for a low cost, and a small annual fee. In most cases, you can be up and running in just a few short days! Complete customization and additional development is also available.  There are many possible uses for this electronic signature capture for shops and charters alike. If you want to find out more about this system or request a live demo, visit the Duck Diver Website and request more information, or you can view a sample at Duck Diver Demo Site.

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