PADI Member-Focused Initiatives Continue to Accelerate Industry Recovery

The last three months have drastically shifted the landscape of the dive industry. The PADI® organization realizes pace of industry-wide recovery depends on a strong return of consumer confidence in reengaging with the sport. To this end, PADI has invested significant resources during this time to accelerate business growth for PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals worldwide.

“This is where PADI is massively different,” says Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “We have been keeping divers engaged and connected to PADI Members and the ocean in unprecedented ways, even if from afar. And, as diving begins to reopen around the globe, we’ll intensify our efforts to drive divers back to PADI stores, resorts and pro members. We stand focused on strategic execution and horsepower to drive recovery growth for our membership.”

Since the escalation of the pandemic in mid-March, PADI has implemented an extensive-range of initiatives that are successfully: 

Expanding Product Offering to Drive Industry Growth

PADI quickly responded to the immediate need for distance learning to increase revenue-generating opportunities for its members by readying more than 50 new eLearning products, including seven new eLearning specialties. During this time, PADI released: Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning in 11 languages; Enriched Air Diver eLearning in 13 languages; Rescue Diver eLearning in seven languages; Introduction to Open Water Diver eLearning in 13 languages; Divemaster Manual (Digital PDF) in three languages; Deep Diver eLearning in four languages; Dry Suit Diver eLearning in two languages; Night Diver eLearning in three languages; Peak Performance Buoyancy eLearning; Search and Recovery Diver eLearning; Underwater Navigator eLearning in four languages; Wreck Diver eLearning in three languages; Digital Underwater Photography; and Diver Propulsion Vehicle. Additional offerings will be added soon. The new PADI Adventures Appä was launched, targeted specifically at the millions of occasional divers to get more people diving, more often with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. This newly released app already features more than 2,500 activities and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times. PADI created the all-new PADI App™ to enhance the diving experience and provide scuba tools and resources at divers’ fingertips. Since its release in March, the app has attracted more 75,000 users.


Delivering Unprecedented Retail, Resort and Professional Member Resources

PADI Staff have dedicated 66,250 hours connecting with PADI Members through webinars, private business consultations and many personal phone calls. These connections are made to provide much needed support for members’ individual situations and needs, and will continue as dive centers and resorts begin to cautiously reopen their businesses and adopt new practices. To date, more than 50,000PADI Members have participated in one (or more) of the 351 PADI Business Survival Webinars. The webinar series provides real-world tools and guidance on relevant topics that will help dive businesses and professionals return to diving activities and accelerate business recovery. Three Regional PADI Resource Hubs in 12 languages offer additional business and training solutions to help PADI Members reopen for business.


Connecting Divers to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts

PADI is investing in advertising to drive business for members, garnering more than44 million impressions over the past three months. In that same timeframe, PADI’s public relations efforts have resulted in more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage with a total reach of 2.5 billion. This aggressive outreach is focused on promoting PADI eLearning® and local diving to connect audiences with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. PADI introduced a series of new content to engage the organization’s 54 million social media followers and 1 million monthly visitors to PADI websites, and drive them to PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals. PADI’s Love Your Local Dive Shop video was the organization’s most watched YouTube video in May with 16,436 views. PADI’s “16 Ways to Support Your Favorite Dive Shop” article was one of the top read blog posts of the month. PADI introduced the and sections of its website, offering fresh content to keep divers connected and engaged. The PADI Media Group and staff at Scuba Diving Magazine continue to be prolific producers of quality diving lifestyle content for divers, the dive industry and diving professionals. PADI launched the interactive COVID-19 Scuba Diving Status map to help divers reconnect with PADI Members as soon as possible after stay-at-home orders lift, dive businesses open and diving becomes available. Since its debut, the map has 20,000 unique pageviews in all languages, and has captured the attention of multiple media outlets as a go-to source for diving availability.

As a result of these combined efforts, PADI eLearning earned PADI Members more than $1.5 million US in revenue share so far this year (including $720,000 US since 15 March alone).

“These past few months have been challenging, and sometimes painful, for all of us,” says Richardson. “But I look to the horizon with hope and optimism. The PADI Family is emerging with strength – and in the hearts and minds of 28 million PADI certified divers across the world who can’t wait to get back into the water, explore the underwater world and care for it.”

For more information, contact your PADI Regional Team or visit your Regional Resource Hub: PADI Americas | PADI Asia Pacific | PADI Europe, Middle East & Africa

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